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If the standards are based on what an "average" person can do, and half the population is below average (average = 1/2 way), then you discriminate against half the population!

"Legal Issues"*:
. Lawyers, self advocacy, and legal help links
. Legal reform and ethics - questioning ethics of police, prosecutors, courts, and government.
. Advocates for more rights - demanding more rights, freedom, or justice.
. Fighting and preventing crime - identity theft, fraud, kidnapping, rape, murder, and other crimes.
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Human Rights:
. Age - children, teen, elderly, and mothers
. Physical disabilities - physical limits in communication, function, or desired behavior in self care/work.
. Mental disabilities - "mental" limits in communication, function, or desired behavior in self care/work.
. Social Status - reputation, perceived worth/worthlessness, wealth, influence, or similar "personal" traits.
. Those accused or convicted of illegal behavior

Other Rights and protections:
. Property - land, materials, copyrights (sound, video, software, etc.), patents, etc.
. Animals - rights for animals and owners
. Nature - laws and rights for protecting and using nature

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Mentally ill Under Attack
- Evidence about mentally illness, policy and law

This issue is why was originally started in 2002.  At the time I did not understand the relationship between mental illness, society and law.  It was not until 2004 that I understood how bigotry against the mentally ill was the real problem.

Hardball about Mental illness, Stigma and Society

(cartoon) - We donít want you! You are: sick! dangerous! threatening! acting like a criminal! - We are not hurting the mentally ill. They are crazy!

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