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. Michael Pardue Story classic situation, where later actions become the problem
- (the above may be missing, see the Wayback Machine copy of the Michael Pardue Story.)

. Free the West Memphis Three
. Damien Echols

- (the above may be missing, see the Wayback Machine copy of
. Donald Johnson in "solitary confinement"
. Ed Cummings a criminal for using a telephone dialer?
. The Westerfield verdict: What went wrong?

. Gerald and Andrea Victims of the War on Crime

. - 120 Years for a Screensaver???
. Ed Kramer Legal Defense

. Maurice Dunn falsely accused?
. Free William Heirens unjustly incarcerated?

. Glen Seals - innocent on death row
. Calvin Solet - no struggle, no evidence
. Vincent Simmons - evidence suggests corrupt conduct by police to fake guilt

. David Draheim imprisoned by a technicality
. Efren Paredes, Jr. injustice must end
. John Ewing wrongful conviction?
. Phillip Lippert (copy of site from Wayback Machne - orgional site gone)
. William Hetherington

. Justice for Tasha Mercedez Shelby circumstantial evidence for murder

Christopher Dunn - needs help to find evidence/witnesses to prove innocentance

. Long Soldier International Support Project his struggle for freedom

Harold Guyette - wrongful conviction

New York
. Justice for Oliver Jovanovic
. Crime and Cover-up a marked woman, Brigitte A. Picart

North Carolina
. Jeffrey MacDonald Case also Fatal Justice: Reinvestigating the MacDonald Murders

. Sam Reese Sheppard
. Walt Maken's home page - IRS Trial and attacking the legal confusion
. Warren Keith on Ohio's death row, looking for witness, need help
. - Mike Lake (myself) charged with stalking after letters about suffering stigma.

. Computer Crime? programmer of the Perl language, Randal Schwartz.
. Leslie Whaley case & parole - False Accusation of Rape (linked to Wayback Machine, the orgional site gone)

. convicted of murder, despite evidence
. Ed Cummings a criminal for using a telephone dialer?
. Frank Chester
. Keith Maydak

. Ralph Dewayne Brock needs Pro-Bono assistance & your support.

. innocent man?

. For Jason
. Jimmy Coney accused of killing another inmate, while held for a different crime

Sites with Collections:

. True Stories of Injustice from the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
. The Injustice Line
. Court TV's Crime Library(I question some of the claims. Instead of detailed theories, I see it as compassion vs. agression.)
. Innocent In Prison Project International

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