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Demanding Legal Reforms
. - Court Watchers Alliance - news, cases, opinion
. Fully Informed Jury Association - FIJA
. Law Reform Network
. Legal Reform Now! - Review a catalog of our legal system's deficiencies together with innovative ideas toward correcting them.  Observe the continuing progress made on a regular basis.  Also find links and descriptive content on over 60 mainstream legal reform groups.

Legal Ethics
. American Legal Ethics Library by Legal Information Institute
. Center for Professional Responsibility - American Bar Association
. FindLaw: Legal Subjects: Ethics and Professional Responsibility Law
. rules, regulations & articles
. Legal Ethics and Reform .com
. National Organization of Bar Counsel

Questioning ethics of police, prosecutors, courts, and government
. Against Legal Abuse
. Against Military Injustice
. United for Justice! racial profiling by Highland Park Police
. Alliance of Incarcerated Canadians in U.S. Prisons
. Families Against Mandatory Minimums
. Injustice Busters
. Police Crimes

Interesting news on ethics
. Why do people admit to crimes they never committed? - from Guardian Unlimited

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