Mental Disabilities
Mental limits in communication, function, or desired behavior in self care/work.
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. American Association on Mental Retardation (AAMR)
. Mental Disability Rights International
. - Mental Retardation and Related Topics

Mental illness
. Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law - Advocating for Civil Rights
. Bipolar Disorder Legal Issues - from
. - Showing how movies, news, and the legal system harm the mentally ill with stigma and other harm.
. Job Rights for the Mentally Ill - Employers beware. All illnesses must be treated equally.
. Mental Illness Awareness in the Courts - from
. NAMI: National Alliance for the Mentally Ill
. Representing a Mentally Disabled Client - on the American Bar Association website.
. Securing the workplace: Are our fears misplaced? (reactions to mental illness issues, "going postal", etc.)
. "Standard Social Security Administrative Psychiatric Disability Denial Notices May be Constitutionally Defective"
. Tormenting the Mentally Ill: A Case of Disability Discrimination
. To deal with mentally ill, cops act as 'social workers'
. - my own fight to stop bigotry and hate against the mentally ill.

News and issues relating to Mental Disabilities and Mental illness
. Mentally ill unlikely to commit murder by the BBC. - "People who have drunk too much or taken drugs are more likely to kill someone."

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